BMS Medical Supplies has grown a great reputation for providing clients and partners with a wide-range of products and services, especially those in huge demand in the medical supplies industry of South Africa.

Managing Director Marion Burjins also ensures the company adapts to the modern trends and market changes.

“The climate in the medical supplies chain in the Western Cape and South Africa changes now and then… from the top levels right down to grassroots levels. There’s a new or fresh list of needs and demands across our diverse communities,” Burjins explains.

“We keep a close eye on these changes and make sure our services and products accommodate all our clients and partners. With a great team, we ensure we have all our bases covered.”

BMS Medical Supplies offers the following:


Advanced Wound Care
Traditional Wound Care
Surgical Devices


We provide marketing, education and sales services on behalf of our suppliers to all state-owned hospitals, clinics and NGOs.